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Therefore™ 2019 Launch

julio, 15 by  |  Information Management

We are happy to announce that Therefore™ 2019 is being released today. This new release includes many highly awaited features including:

  • More Authentication Methods: It’s now possible to create a single single-on experience by integrating open standards based on JWT token, OAuth 2.0, and OpenID Connect.
  • E-Forms: Easily create dynamic forms using our new drag and drop e-forms designer. Forms can be used to streamline many business processes, adapt dynamically to users responses, and be integrated into customer websites.
  • Automatic Document Creation: New Workflow tasks for generating documents have been created. This enables documents to be created as part of a workflow using templates and index data.
  • Field Calculations: Mathematical operations including addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, and exponentiation can be performed on index data values on integer and decimal fields. Users can be alerted when fields do not add up as predicted. This provides extra assurance to ensure data is correct before saving.
  • Metadata Capture as a Service: The Content Connector can now perform OCR Processing and Barcode recognition as a service.
  • Workflow Customization in Therefore™ Online: Workflows on Therefore™ Online systems can be customized using a new, secure integration option.

And that’s not all! Check out the Therefore™ 2019 Release Notes for a full list of changes.

Click here to sign up for the Therefore™ 2019 Launch Webinar!


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