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7 Ways to Capture Electronic Information with Therefore™

julio, 27 by  |  Technology Spotlight

As we saw in an earlier post, companies reap numerous benefits from having a central, digital repository for business-critical information. By keeping business information in an easily accessible repository, you prevent information silos from building within your company, spend less time searching for information, and cut paper and storage costs.

A repository is a two way street, however. Information must be both easily accessible and simple to bring into the system. In this Technology Spotlight, we’ll take a look at seven ways you can import electronic information into Therefore™.


  1. Saving from Windows® Explorer

Send your documents to Therefore™ directly from Windows® Explorer or by simple drag and drop. Therefore™ offers numerous ways to accelerate document indexing, by employing macros, links to database tables, keyword lists, and regular expressions.


  1. Saving Microsoft® Office documents

You can also save documents directly into Therefore™ from Word, Excel, Outlook or PowerPoint. Automatically extract index data from your documents by using Microsoft® Office templates.


Saving information from Microsoft Office


  1. Saving from E-mail Applications

In addition to manual saving from Outlook, you can also monitor mailboxes, and automatically import e-mails into the system, where they can kick off workflows for further processing. A connector for Microsoft® Exchange Server provides a powerful way to automatically store e-mails for compliance or e-discovery purposes.


  1. E-Forms and Web Forms

Electronic forms provide a fast and reliable way to bring indexed information directly into the repository, either from internal or external sources. With E-forms, you can streamline processes like job applications, employee leave requests or customer satisfaction surveys.


Sample web form for importing information


  1. Importing large document batches

The Therefore™ Document Loader makes it easy to import large batches of documents from another information management system or from a folder structure. You can index the documents based on an accompanying file containing metadata, or based on the folder structure in which they reside.


  1. Automatically importing incoming documents

With the Therefore™ Content Connector you can monitor certain mailboxes or folders and automatically import and index documents that arrive in those locations using predefined indexing profiles. For example, a construction company could automatically index and import any document saved to a building application folder.


  1. Consolidating your existing repositories

Remove information silos by connecting your Therefore™ repository to existing repositories within your company. Seamlessly integrate with third party systems like SAP NetWeaver, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, SharePoint and more.


To summarize, Therefore™ offers numerous ways to get your information into the repository quickly and efficiently. As a result, you’ll enjoy improved accuracy, faster processing times, and greater employee productivity.


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