Microsoft Teams App

October, 26 by  |  Allgemein

The Therefore™ integration with Microsoft Teams is now officially available in the Microsoft App Store. Here is the link to AppSource: What is it? This app allows users to receive notifications and interact with Therefore™ workflows through Microsoft Teams. While the app is free to download, a...

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Disaster Recovery Planning

September, 23 by  |  Allgemein

Disasters happen – and some are unavoidable. So, what can we do to make sure that our company assets will be safe? In this article, we will cover 4 main topics: What is disaster recovery? Planning Theory and Implementation Disaster Recovery with Therefore™ Customer Story What is...

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Therefore™ for Email Management

August, 23 by  |  Allgemein

Therefore™ makes your emails more secure, traceable, and accessible. Emails can be better connected to the information flowing throughout your organization, helping you improve customer service, accelerate turnaround, and reduce errors. Your email is full of valuable information that, without an IM solution in place, can...

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How Many File Extensions Are There?

August, 12 by  |  Allgemein

A file extension is a dot follow by 2-4 characters that follow a file name. Examples of file extensions: .mp3 .docx .ai A file extension is a type of metadata used by the computer to tell it something about the file, like what icon to display by...

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What is Information Management?

August, 02 by  |  Allgemein

Information Management can make or break your organization. In business, being able to manage information as an asset is necessary to keep up with strong competition. When information is not being managed, it cannot be seen, let alone used. Information Management in professional settings generally points...

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