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COVID-19: Status Update

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Dear Customers and Partners,


We would like to give you an update on the status of Therefore at this time and our plan for the next few weeks. We remain highly dedicated to ensuring high-performance operations and services to our partners and customers. As part of our shared social responsibility to keep our team members, customers, and partners safe, we are engaging in the following activities:



  • The health of our team members is very important, and we encourage our team members to work from home. We have the infrastructure available to keep working with no tangible effect on our performance.

Support and Customer Service

  • Our technical support team is fully staffed, and operations continue as normal. You can reach our support team by phone at the same local number as always, or by email.
  • Our customer service team is also fully available, and orders and deliveries are being processed without delay. Of course, the team is also available to answer other questions you may have by contacting them by email.

Therefore™ Online

  • Therefore™ Online operations and support continue uninterrupted. All Therefore™ Online staff can perform their duties as required and are available to intervene if necessary, in line with our usual well-established security and compliance protocols.


  • We’re complying with all local regulations and customer preferences regarding meeting format. We are fully equipped for remote meetings as required or preferred.

Online resources

  • Our Extranet and eLearning portals are fully available, and we encourage our partners to take advantage of the available resources.


  • We are working with customers and partners to deliver remote training or postponing training activities, as preferred.
  • Our pre-sales team is available to answer your questions by email.


We encourage everyone to take the necessary precautions in order to keep themselves and others safe, and wish all those affected by the current situation a speedy return to good health.


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