Therefore™ in HR

The heart of a successful company lies in the productivity and engagement of its people.


Human resource departments recruit, equip, and manage your company’s best assets. They ensure that top talent incorporates quickly into a strong company culture and is energized, engaged and dedicated to propelling your company forward.


Therefore™ gives HR departments the tools they need to effectively manage their employees. By automating and streamlining administrative tasks, HR staff have more time to focus on strategic goals.


With Therefore™, you can manage, optimize and analyze core human resource functions. Some of the possibilities include:


When a candidate fills out their job application online, it automatically enters the system and starts a workflow designed to streamline and document evaluation and interview processes.

Employee Onboarding

Ensure all legal documentation is completed, and necessary provisioning such as IT equipment, work space, and training schedules are in place for a new hire’s first day.

Contract Management

Gain a clear accountability and overview of all employee contracts and their statuses. Automate procedures for renewing, signing and cancelling employment terms.

Employee File Management

Securely store all documents pertaining to employees within digital binders for easy access and retrieval. Automate compliance with retention schedules for legally-mandated time periods.


Flexible and robust permission control ensures that only authorized staff have access to sensitive employee data.


With full audit trail and traceability on document and user actions, companies can meet regulations pertaining to file and data protection.

Request Management

Internal forms streamline processes like vacation or leave requests, employee surveys, feedback forms, and more. Automatically link requests or surveys to approval workflows or analytic platforms.


Utilize scheduled reporting and real-time analytic dashboards to track KPIs like employee retention rates, demographics, survey results, onboarding time, and more.

To see how Therefore™ has helped customers streamline and optimize their HR processes, please visit the case studies section of our website!

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