Therefore™ in IT

Maintaining a secure environment and a functional, user-friendly infrastructure are only a few of the many challenges faced by IT administrators.


Without an information management system, the IT department may have a difficult time ensuring the security of information, providing a full audit trail, or simply restricting access rights down to a single document level. Moreover, issues related to email management, or SharePoint, can also be a challenge due to the ever increasing amount of data that is stored and sent.

Therefore™ can help many IT departments maintain the security of documentation and improve user access in the following ways:

Email archiving

Therefore™ offers numerous solutions for archiving emails, including connectors for Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Server, enabling users to automatically archive emails in Therefore™.

Send links

Users can send links to documents saved in Therefore™ rather than sending the physical document by email. This saves space on the server, and is also more secure.

Relieve SharePoint database

With the SharePoint connector, documents can be stored in Therefore™ and accessed via the SharePoint interface, improving the performance of the system and increasing security without impacting the way users access their information.

Easy to learn

Therefore™ software is easy to learn and administer thanks to its familiar look and feel.

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