Therefore™ in Legal

Legal firms and legal departments face stringent requirements concerning litigation, e-discovery, compliance, information governance and intellectual property. Therefore™ is the ideal solution to ensure these requirements can be met, so sensitive legal documentation can be securely stored and efficiently managed.


Without an information management system, legal documentation may be physically stored, which significantly increases the time needed to correctly archive and find these documents. Keeping track of the latest version of a document may be difficult when several employees work on contract drafts together, and having full traceability of all changes made, by whom, at what time, is impossible. The risk of losing or misplacing documents is ever present, especially if all documents are physically stored in archives. Finding the correct document in case of litigation is especially daunting, since there is no flexibility in search methods. If documents are stored electronically in traditional folder structures, related documents cannot be processed together.


Therefore™ information management software offers the ideal solution for effective management of all legal documentation. Scanned documents can be automatically saved and indexed. Documents of all kinds can be retrieved using metadata or advanced full-text search, just like searching for information on the web. Flexible workflow processes can be configured to route documents throughout the business for approval and validation, or to keep track of contracts so they can be renewed when necessary. Using the Therefore™ Case Management module, all employee documents can be securely saved and processed collectively for optimum information management. It’s even possible to access documents and process workflows away from the office, or from external sites, either using the Therefore™ Mobile App or Web Access. And of course, security and permissions are extremely flexible, allowing permissions to be calibrated down to an individual document level.


By automating legal procedures, processes can be completed in a few hours rather than days, which decreases costs and results in greater accuracy and efficiency while providing full accountability of actions taken in regards to legal documentation.


By electronically handling legal documentation, companies of all sizes can achieve the following benefits:

Decreased costs

By archiving documents electronically, firms can cut photocopying and storage costs, and decrease errors related to manual indexing.

Faster processing

Workflows automatically route documents to the managing partner for approval; tasks can be completed even when visiting a client or waiting in court. Tasks that aren’t processed in time can be escalated to a managing partner, and associates can be reminded of impending due dates with automatic email reminders.

Mobile access

Archived documents can be found, read, and processed on the go using the Therefore™ Mobile App.

Compliant archiving

Securely store all documents, maintain compliancy standards, and delete documents once the legally mandated time period for storage has expired.

Contract Management

Gain clear views of when contracts will expire, know who is responsible, and maintain a full audit of all exchanges relevant to contents and addenda.

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