Therefore™ in Logistics

Logistics departments must manage hundreds or even thousands of documents: packing notes, proof-of-delivery slips, customs papers, and more. The ability to organize, find and manage this documentation is critical to ensuring these processes continue to run.


If all these documents are paper-based, it significantly increases the time needed to correctly archive and find them. Keeping track of the latest version of a document may be difficult if it is modified by different employees, or even sent to different sites. The risk of losing or misplacing documents is always present, especially if all documents are physically stored in archives or manually handled. Finding the correct document in case of a query can be difficult, as it may not be possible to see precisely where in a process the document or package is. Even if documents are stored electronically in traditional, rigid folder structures, documents cannot be found easily or processed efficiently.


Therefore™  offers the ideal solution for effective management of all logistics documentation. Scanned documents can be automatically saved and indexed, and delivery notes can be linked to purchase orders. Documents of all kinds can be retrieved using metadata or advanced full-text search. Flexible workflow processes can be configured to route documents throughout the business for approval and validation, or to keep track of orders so they can be renewed when necessary. It’s even possible to access documents and process workflows away from the office, or from external sites, either using the convenient Therefore™ Mobile App or Web Access. This enables drivers to enter signed delivery slips into the system, which can be automatically linked to the purchase order without any user intervention at all. And of course, security and permissions are extremely flexible, allowing permissions to be calibrated down to an individual document level.


Many Logistics processes can be managed in Therefore™ for direct efficiency gains:

Integration with ERP systems

Therefore™ offers an enterprise-class SDK for integrating with virtually any type of ERP system for ideal data processing.


Workflows can be automatically started to approve invoices, credit notes, and hauler payments, as well as handle customer invoicing, transport documentation, and more.


Logistics documents can contain sensitive data, and are therefore under full regulatory requirements for restricted access and retention. Thanks to the very flexible permissions in Therefore™ it’s easy to ensure only qualified employees have access to this confidential data.


Therefore™ offers a complete audit trail and traceability on document actions, which can help companies meet state and security regulation regarding file and data protection.

Legal Documents

Conform to legal requirements for storage and maintain norms regarding maintenance and e-discovery.

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