Therefore™ in the Mailroom

In most companies, the mailroom can be a source of great stress and urgency. All incoming mail must be sorted and distributed to various employees quickly and accurately. This process can be time consuming and prone to error.


Traditionally, mail is manually sorted and then distributed to employees’ cubbyholes or desks. If an employee is out of the office, the letter cannot be read until he or she returns. And, if the letter is in regards to an important business issue, it must be photocopied and added to the archive. If another employee needs to access this information, he needs to retrieve it from the archive and refile it once done. This results in high risk of losing or misplacing the information.


If all these documents are paper-based, this significantly increases the time needed to correctly archive and find them. If the letter in question is related to other business processes, such as invoicing, that process may be delayed, resulting in late penalties or slow customer service.


Therefore™ offers the ideal solution to manage incoming mail. Letters can be scanned and automatically saved and indexed. Once the document has been entered into the system, it can be electronically sent to the correct employee for review, and/or onwards to other business processes such as accounts payable. Flexible workflows can be configured to route letters through the business for approval and validation, enabling a high degree of flexibility.

By electronically processing mail, every business can benefit:

Decreased costs

By automating recognition and distribution of mail, employees’ time is freed for more strategic work. By saving mail electronically, businesses can cut photocopying and storage costs, and errors related to mistyping information or mislabeling letters can be decreased.

Faster processing

Workflows automatically route documents to the correct employee; delegation isn’t dependent on the resource planning of any particular employee. Tasks that aren’t processed in time can be escalated, and employees can be reminded of impending due dates.

Mobile access

Read and process mail even when not in the office. If an employee is out of the office, or on vacation, mail isn’t left unread; an out of office assistant can route mail to another employee or department for processing.

Compliant archiving

Securely store all documents, maintain compliancy standards, and delete documents once the legally mandated time period for storage has expired.

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