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Hassle Free E-mail Archiving: Achieving Compliance

junio, 02 by  |  Information Management, Technology Spotlight

Retaining an accurate, complete and easily retrievable record of your company’s e-mail communications is becoming increasingly important in this age of e-discovery.

The Therefore™ Connector for Microsoft Exchange Server is an efficient tool that automatically saves your company e-mail traffic to a secure storage location in Therefore™.  There are two main ways to use the connector:

  • Archive all e-mail traffic from all mailboxes, using a journaling functionality.
  • Save specific e-mails from certain mailboxes, using smart archiving capabilities.

In both cases, the connector is easy to set up and use, and provides a lightweight, high-performance solution for storing e-mails in a robust and integrated repository.

Once in Therefore™, companies can take advantage of numerous benefits, including:

  • Maintaining complete records of their electronic communication for regulatory purposes.
  • Fast search and retrieval in the event of an e-discovery situation.
  • Retention policies can easily be set to save e-mails for legally required periods.
  • Full control over who can view or delete e-mail records.

To learn more about this simple and powerful connector, watch our video below!


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