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Release Notes

Breaking Changes and Important Information


This section contains important information on breaking changes that may affect system functions when Thereforeā„¢ is upgraded to this version.


Due to a breaking change in Microsoft's SDK, Administrators will need to re-authenticate Microsoft OneDrive accounts in the Thereforeā„¢ Solution Designer following upgrade to this Thereforeā„¢ version.


Due to Microsoft blocking the Visual Basic scripting engine, executing indexing profiles containing a Visual Basic script within a Microsoft Office application may result in an error. To prevent this issue, Thereforeā„¢ has added support for JavaScript. The following applies:

oJavaScript and Visual Basic Script are now both supported by Thereforeā„¢.

oExisting scripts can still be used without any change. It is recommended to switch all indexing profiles/scripts that are executed from within Office to JavaScript, in order to avoid the error or having to change registry settings.

oExisting scripts are not updated from Visual Basic Script to JavaScript when Thereforeā„¢ is updated; this should be done manually if required.

oScripts in JavaScript will not work with older client versions of Thereforeā„¢.

oThereforeā„¢ selects JavaScript as the default scripting language to help avoid issues with Visual Basic Script and Office.


The classic Thereforeā„¢ Mobile App has been discontinued.

oThereforeā„¢ on-premise:

The Mobile Manager has been removed and is unavailable in Thereforeā„¢ 2019.

Users who need to continue using the classic Thereforeā„¢ Mobile App should not upgrade to Thereforeā„¢ 2019. However, it is recommended to consider upgrading to the new app, Thereforeā„¢ Go.

oThereforeā„¢ Online:

The Mobile Manager will remain available for the next update to Thereforeā„¢ Online (v21).

The Mobile Manager will be removed starting with the following Thereforeā„¢ Online update (v22) and the app will be removed from the iOS and Android app stores.


A number of outdated features have been deprecated (and will be fully withdrawn from availability at a later date). It is advised that in future projects, the following features should not be used:

oForms and Form Images (under the Integrations node).

oText Preprocessors (under the Integrations node).

oDisplay form and Preprocessor DLL features (in the Job dialog of Input Folders).

oDefining a Document Break in the Item Options dialog (within the Text-page based data extractor of Indexing Profiles Profiles).


The View Annotations and Hide Annotations permissions have been discontinued.


Index data field "Column Name" has been replaced by "Field ID" as the unique identifier of a field within a category. Customizations in Thereforeā„¢ that access the database directly should be adjusted due to the removal of the "Column Name".

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