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Therefore Web API Programming Interface 1.0

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The Therefore™ Web API


With the Therefore™ Web API, all integrators receive comprehensive tools for development for the integration of the functionality of Therefore™ into other applications. The Therefore™ Web API can be used from common programming languages and programming environments.


Supported standards

The Therefore™ Web API supports the following standards:

SOAP version 1.1;

WSDL 1.1 and WS-Policy 1.5 metadata publishing protocols. WSDL can be accessed via http or https endpoint.
This option is configurable, so you can turn publishing on/off;

HTTP 1.1 as a transport protocol, HTTPS for secure communication (with server side certificate) is used;
Unsecured HTTP endpoint is recommended for testing only;

HTTP Basic (user name/password) authentication (Authorization: Basic). This option is mostly used for internet scenarios;

HTTP Integrated Windows authentication (Authorization: Negotiate). This option is mostly used for intranet scenarios;


To view detailed descriptions for all operations in the WebAPI, please see Web API Reference.


Web API server version

The Web API uses versions to control changes to the API and the output specs. Each Web API version represents a fixed version of the API and output specifications. As we upgrade the API, new versions or updates will be released.


You can use the GetWebAPIServerVersion operation to check the current version of the Web API server:

The Web API version string format is: <version number>. The version number is used for major (breaking) changes in the Web API.
It is not guaranteed that Web API clients developed for version 1.x will work with endpoints for version 2.x and vice versa. But in this case you can still use the endpoint for version 1.x.

The service version specifies the version of the service binary (version/update/hot-fix).


Current Web API version

The current server major version number is 1, which stands for version 1.0.


How to use Web API versions

The Web API version number is used in the Web API URL, such as http(s)//<server_address>:<port_number>/theservice/v0001?singlewsdl .


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