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A status dialog is shown. Documents is the number of indexed documents, Streams is the actual number of index files since a document can contain multiple files, Queued Jobs is the number of documents waiting to be indexed and Error Jobs is the number of documents which could not be indexed.  


Reindex Documents...

Reindexes documents from selected categories, cases and folders.




Retry Error Jobs

Any error jobs will be placed in the queue for processing again.


Verify Index

This manually starts a consistency check on the index which compares the full-text index to the Thereforeā„¢ database. If any inconsistencies are found, then the record will be deleted or added the queue for indexing, as required.

Compact Index

This will manually launch the compacting process which reorganizes and compacts the index.

Rebuild Index

This should be used with caution as it will delete and rebuild the entire index.

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