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Release Notes


The following enhancements and changes are part of the Thereforeā„¢ 2021 Update 1 (v.26.1) release.


Thereforeā„¢ Dynamic Web View

Added option to share dashboards and folders.

Added task statistics in Dashboard.

Added a 'previous' and 'next' button to Documents, Workflows, and Tasks.

Added function to view Excel files in tabbed mode.


Thereforeā„¢ Workflows

Added support for scripting in CSV export.

Added support for resource parameters (REST).


Thereforeā„¢ Smart Capture*

Added an option download, customize, and upload schema.

Added option to enable/disable automation to skip manual verification based on confidence levels.

Added an option to re-route deleted invoices to a manual verification task in order to perform a review.


Thereforeā„¢ eSignatures

HelloSign and SignSmart have been included as eSignature providers.



Implemented Oracle OutsideIn as the default viewer.

Added Polish translation of the user interface.


*Thereforeā„¢ Smart Capture is currently not available in the United States, Canada, and Latin America.

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