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Therefore™ 2021 Release Notes


Version: Online

Date: 10/5/2021



Enhancements & Changes


The following enhancements and changes are part of the Therefore™ 2021 release.



Therefore™ Smart Capture*

Therefore™ Smart Capture provides invoice recognition through artificial intelligence. The feature reads information from invoice documents without complicated configurations.

• Smart Capture supports on-premise installations.

• A general checkbox has been added to turn line items processing on/off.



Therefore™ Workflows

The workflow history can be saved to a case after a case workflow is completed. This enhancement allows the user to save the workflow history as a PDF file to a case of their choice.

New settings to automatic tasks have been introduced to report errors and stop/pause processing. This allows users to assign specific ways to handle certain errors. The user can choose to either route to a specific task, ignore, and/or ‘pause' if a certain error occurs in the workflow.

In the Stamp task, a checkbox has been added to enable users to embed headers and footers as editable annotations.

In the Create Document and Add File tasks, an option has been added to set the assigned PDF form fields to read-only.



Therefore™ Solution Designer

Settings can be configured to enable a maximum number of automatic document links.



Therefore™ Dynamic Web View

The Ad-hoc 'Task' feature enables specific tasks to be configured to groups and individual users.

The 'About' dialog can display the details of the current Therefore™ Online version.

The 'Case Documents View' enables a visual overview of documents contained within cases.

A workflow can be initiated manually using an empty document.

New features and functions have been included:

 o Case Management

 o Smart Capture Verification

 o Calculated fields

 o Delete a file from a document

 o Field-level permissions

 o UI enhancements: Adding documents, hit-list, using default query for hit-list layout.



Therefore™ Web Access

The URL Actions have been updated to include 'Embed Therefore™ Web Access frames with EmbedApp.aspx'.



Therefore™ Connectors

A connector has been added for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.



Therefore™ eSignatures

Sinatura, Skribble, VismaSign, PleaseSign and AdobeSign have been added as eSignature providers.



Therefore™ Viewer

Some documents will be displayed differently with the changes made to the default engine of the Therefore™ Multi-Format Viewer.

• The 'Append new files' option allows files to be added after the currently displayed thumbnail, or at the end of the document.



Therefore™ eForms

A 'Remember value for subsequent visits' checkbox has been added to several supported fields to enable storage of input field values.




Enhanced viewing for Excel files in the Therefore™ Viewer with GroupDocs.

Switch default web client in the Advanced Settings.

Ability to import users from .csv in the command line.

Portal users can be created and removed with API and WebAPI.


*Therefore™ Smart Capture is currently not available in the United States, Canada, and Latin America.

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