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The download service implements the following endpoints:


GET <Host>/Download

This is used to get a list of all providers that this download service implements.

The Thereforeā„¢ Solution Designer will use this endpoint to show the drop down list of available providers.


POST <Host>/Download/{provider}

Gets all settings for this provider. For example to get the settings of the "Test provider": <Host>/Download/Test

The settings include: supported authentication, settings for the provider configuration dialog and settings for the download service monitoring dialog.


POST <Host>/Download/{provider}/Connection

This tests the connection to the provider. This is used in the UI, when pressing the "Test connection" button in the provider dialog.

This is also used in the Thereforeā„¢ Content Connector, to check the settings before processing starts.


POST <Host>/Download/{provider}/Pending

Used by the Thereforeā„¢ Content Connector to get a list of pending items.


POST <Host>/Download/{provider}/Document

Process and download a document which was previously received with the Pending call.


POST <Host>/Download/{provider}/PostProcess

Executed when the document was successfully saved in Thereforeā„¢. Will not be called when an error happened during processing.




When using the sample download service provided on our Extranet page, the configuration above has already been implemented.

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