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The Thereforeā„¢ connector for Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows parallel usage of the Thereforeā„¢ archive system and core functions of NAV, such as the document system, as well as credit and debit management. Synchronization works in both directions. Thereforeā„¢ documents are incorporated in the NAV data structure, just as NAV documents are automatically archived in the Thereforeā„¢ system. Synchronization of data runs via the NAV Application Server (NAS) and, depending on your requirements, can be set to manual or automatic synchronization. Microsoft Dynamics NAV has been extended in such a way to allow direct call-up of the corresponding areas (credit and debit management, incoming and outgoing invoices, Navigate) in the Thereforeā„¢ Viewer, as well as the Thereforeā„¢ Navigator. In addition to this, linked Thereforeā„¢ documents can be opened directly from NAV. The interface can be adapted and extended to suit client needs.

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