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The Thereforeā„¢ SAP Connector supports the following scenarios.


Storage of Incoming Documents

Incoming documents can be saved directly from the SAPGUI for Windows into Thereforeā„¢. The Thereforeā„¢ SAP Connector supports SAP NetWeaver barcode, SAP Business Workflow/WebFlow and manual storage.


Storage of Outgoing Documents,

Outgoing documents (customer related documents) can be stored into the Thereforeā„¢ categories.


Storage of Print Lists

SAP Netweaver Print Lists can be stored to Thereforeā„¢


Storage of Archive Files

In addition, SAP NetWeaver Archive files can be stored into Thereforeā„¢ for cost-effective data storage.  This data can be restored at any time.


Workflow Integration

New business objects can be created in SAP (parked invoices) and Thereforeā„¢ documents can be linked to SAP objects using a workflow DLL.


Viewing of documents

Documents stored in Thereforeā„¢ can be retrieved in the SAPGUI once they have been linked to an SAP object. The presentation of the documents can be configured for each document type. Documents can be viewed using the Thereforeā„¢ Viewer or with the internal document viewers.

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