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Introduction > Integration of Additional Thereforeā„¢ eSignature Providers

Thereforeā„¢ eSignature Service Interface


The Thereforeā„¢ eSignature service interface is made for easier integration of additional eSignature providers into Thereforeā„¢. The integration allows the use of additional eSignature providers with the "Send for Signing" Workflow Task and the "Signature Monitoring" for the Thereforeā„¢ Content Connector. For the integration with DocuSign, SimpleSign and Yousign by Thereforeā„¢, a service implementing the same interface is used. By changing the "Thereforeā„¢ eSignature Service URL" parameter in the configuration to an eSignature provider, a custom service can be used from the Thereforeā„¢ Solution Designer, the Workflow and the Content Connector.


The service communication is based on JSON only. This means all requests and responses from and to Thereforeā„¢ components need to be sent in JSON format.

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