Therefore™ in Education

Every school, regardless how big or small, needs to manage various student and administrative records.


Processes such as admissions, reviews, and finance are the backbone that allows schools to keep running and teachers to keep teaching. Moreover, schools must keep track of students’ personal records including diplomas, visas, personal identification cards and more.


This large number of documents and processes can be difficult to manage; records can easily be misfiled or lost, affecting the quality of student services and the image and reputation of the institution as a whole.


Moreover, other processes and departments may be affected:
-Admissions Process: Many student applications result in a large quantity of documents which need to be processed, validated, and answered. Short turnaround times and quick feedback on placement need to be controlled to ensure high service levels.
-Information must be available to school staff and students. Student records must be properly saved and easily accessed.


Therefore™ offers flexible solutions which can be easily implemented for any and all of these processes. Decrease your reliance on paper, store all documentation centrally, manage deadlines and simplify your life!

By creating streamlined, digital processes for your school or university’s documentation, you benefit in the following ways:

Higher employee satisfaction

Less pressure on staff to complete arduous administrative work as the processes become automated, enabling more quality time to be spent with students.

Automated workflows

Automated workflows result in decreased errors; nothing is forgotten and tasks can be completed more quickly.

Digital Archive

Documents can be retrieved at any time from the digital archive.

Faster service

Faster service enhances the school’s image as a professional, quality institution.

Decreased costs

By archiving documents electronically, you can decrease the amount of time spent sorting, photocopying and storing paper documents.

Attract more talented students

The school is able to attract more talented students, and teachers are able to spend their energy on teaching rather than administrative work.

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