Therefore™ in Healthcare

Health care organizations, such as hospitals and doctors’ offices, are facing ever-increasing demands to improve the quality of their work and manage patient records while cutting costs. The enormous administrative burden on hospitals to handle all kinds of documentation results in additional costs and time. Eliminating paper and improving access to information via a centralized system can help improve the effectiveness of health care as a whole, reduce administrative costs and increase the services offered to patients by improving privacy and patient care.


Therefore™ helps healthcare providers improve their process by saving, storing and managing all patient-related and financial information. Therefore™ and Canon offer solutions from the point of entry to intelligently capture and recognize all types of documents, securely store them, maintain confidentiality, and processes them efficiently using flexible workflows.


Physically storing patient files in archives results in high storage costs and makes it difficult to find information. This poor access to data affects patient care, as doctors may be unable to access previous treatments or diagnoses. Moreover, disorganized or lost financial data also affects the ability of a hospital to run well, resulting in lost time spent searching for information, inefficient processes and even fines.

By introducing an information management system, health care providers can reap the following benefits:

Integration with ERP systems

Integration with ERP systems such as SAP enables streamlined financial processes and secure data archiving.

Ensure confidentiality of patient files

Ensure confidentiality of patient files using precise permission sets and audit trails.

Decrease administrative costs

Decrease administrative costs by keeping all patient records in a single case. View a patient’s health, financial, and legal information at once to immediately gain a comprehensive view of the current status.

Single point of access for all information

Single point of access for all information makes finding information easier. Any type of document can be stored in Therefore™ for fast retrieval and secure storage.

A word on HIPAA compliance:

Therefore™ software can allow covered entities to achieve HIPAA compliance by helping them manage electronic Protected Health Information (e-PHI) in a secure and traceable way. The tools provided by Therefore™ generally make compliance possible thanks to its features relating to information access, integrity, and transmission security. Furthermore, Therefore™ provides tools for recording and maintaining audit logs as well as managing role-based access controls, including integration into frameworks like AD and LDAP. By combining Therefore™ software with appropriate procedures related to physical and administrative safeguards, covered entities can comply with the provisions laid out in the HIPAA Security Rule.


More information on the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) can be found on the website of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

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