Therefore™ in Legal

Attorneys and law firms are under high pressure to deliver more services at lower costs to clients. It’s now more important than ever to adopt technologies that support communication, security, access, and efficiency. However, tight deadlines, numerous drafts, intra-firm collaboration, and a multitude of information channels make this difficult. Contracts may be poorly managed, and drafts may be sent by email from one employee to another, risking miscommunication and incomplete versions.


Therefore™ offers a complete solution for legal departments and contract management through a secure and flexible solution for storing, managing and editing all legal documentation.

Our case management feature allows you to manage your legal documentation on a case basis, resulting in improved visibility and collaboration, as well as more streamlined processes. 

Enhance productivity

Enhance productivity with faster document retrieval from any workstation.

Improve the organization

Improve the organization of your firm’s critical documents.

Protect confidential information

Secure content to protect confidential information and prevent unauthorized access.

Create, store and retrieve

Create, store, and retrieve electronic documents, videos, pictures, audio files and more. Sort by client, matter, event or other key information.

Group information

Therefore™ Case Management can group all documents related together for efficient processing.

Simplify file search

Simplify file searching with advanced search options, including full-text and metadata tools.

Easily file emails

Easily file emails and their attachments using the Indexing Profile feature – with one click from Outlook.

Easily index documents

Easily index documents from within Microsoft Word, Excel or Adobe applications.

Multiple file-type management

Multiple file-type management (e.g. word processing docs, e-mail, spreadsheets, video, audio, charts, pictures).

Drag and drop

Tools to drag and drop any file type to matter and/or client.

Check in/check out functionality

Prevent multiple concurrent versions of documents and secure a history of changes made.

Portal-level security

Portal-level security to enable web access to documents to external parties.

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