Therefore™ in Public Institutions

Town halls, city councils and other public institutions have to manage volumes of public information about their residents, permits and other public works. Besides historic data, town halls need to manage applications such as building permits. Good workflows are essential to ensure matters can be dealt with quickly and efficiently.


Keeping paper copies of all of these important documents can easily lead to overfilled, costly archives which are difficult and cumbersome to access. Free your staff’s time and save money by moving toward a digital way of working.



Reliance on paper storage is costly and information is very difficult to manage.

Historic documents can deteriorate, making them unusable to both employees and the public.

Records cannot be correctly kept or accessed.

Poor information flow results in poor service and slow response times to residents.


Digitize archives for easier access.

Preserve historical documents.

Enhance productivity through automated workflows.

Scan and automatically index documents using advanced scanning solutions.

Generate response emails automatically for public matters.


Instant access to information.

Documents are preserved for future generations.

Streamlined processes for faster, more accurate work.

Automatically generate responses to queries and applicants for improved service and decreased processing costs.

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