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Therefore™ in Real Estate

Effectively managing documentation related to buying, selling and renting properties can be difficult due to the staggering amount of documentation and circulating correspondence.


If documents are stored in multiple locations or filed by several different people, they may be hard to locate. Versioning may also be cumbersome, as employees may not be able to find the latest version of a lease agreement, especially if numerous people have made changes to it. Moreover, mobile access to documents when visiting a property site or meeting with a client is also an important issue.


Without an information management system, property management companies or real estate businesses may face these issues:

Lots of paper documentation needs to be correctly filed, securely stored and easily retrieved. This includes rental contracts, utility bills, proof of employment, government forms and housing credits, service contracts, inspection reports, property brochures.

Numerous employees may work with several properties or various tenants - collaboration can be difficult.

Information can enter the office in many different forms (email, post, in person, fax, phone), and may be processed by numerous employees.

Legal requirements to store documents mandate certain documents be stored for several years, which can be very costly.

Using Therefore™, these issues can be alleviated or completely avoided:

All documents can be centrally stored in one location for easy access and improved collaboration.

Access information on the go using the Therefore™ Mobile App.

Therefore™ Case Management can group all documentation related to a single property together to enable efficient management and processing.

Integrate with property management CRM systems or external databases for clean information flow.

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