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Therefore™ Smart Capture – New Licensing Rules

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Great news for Therefore™ Smart Capture users!


As of the 1st of July 2022, the licensing model for Therefore™ Smart Capture has been updated and is now better than ever! Purchased Smart Capture pages now have NO EXPIRATION DATE and simply roll over to the next billing period, making it easier to spread out pages for consumption throughout peak invoice processing periods.


This means you never lose a single page you’ve purchased, resulting in an even greater ROI and flexibility!


Check out the Therefore™ Smart Capture Licensing guide for more details and concrete examples of how to use Smart Capture pages. Please note that Smart Capture is not available in all regions, and certain billing methods (Subscription or Prepaid) may only be available in specific countries. Please check with your local Canon authorized reseller for more details.

More on Therefore™ Smart Capture


Therefore™ Smart Capture is a better way to index invoices. It extracts data from invoices using AI and can process a high volume of invoices quickly through automation. Boost employee productivity and efficiency while decreasing errors caused by manual work. Therefore™ Smart Capture is a cost-effective approach to streamlined invoice processing.




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