You can create electronic, dynamic forms directly with Therefore™. Forms can be used to gather information from either internal or external parties, and be embedded in websites or external platforms. No scripting required, just drag and drop to create a form in seconds!

What are E-Forms?

E-forms are digital forms which can be used to gather information from employees, or customers. They can dynamically change based on previous responses, preform simple calculations and more. By collecting information via forms, businesses can have clear, concise and organized access to information. Moreover, all information collected via forms can be conveniently saved and processed with workflows.


In today’s world,  all types of organizations drive processes using forms. For example, vacation requests, insurance requests, contact forms, and feedback surveys are all common uses for Therefore E-forms. By using an electronic form, organizations can ensure the information is legible, correct, and immediate accessible for processing.

Therefore™ E-Forms in Action

E-forms can dramatically improve the way your company is run. Say goodbye to tedious paper forms, and say hello to streamlined dynamic e-forms. Therefore™ e-forms can easily be customized to any business.

How it Works

Using Forms

Create custom Forms using our drag & drop WYSIWYG designer

Check information, and complete simple calculations

Use Forms internally, to improve company processes, or embed on a website to reach others

Adapt questions to user's responses in real times using conditions.

Automatic Processing

Forms can be sent out automatically as part of a workflow.

Save a document in Therefore™ to start the workflow. Information captured in eforms can processed using workflow.


Save forms as a PDF in Therefore for easy access.

Utilize keyword dictionaries already created in Therefore within Form Fields to make data quickly accessible.

Increase the accuracy of information by automatically checking information in real time using conditions.

Enhance customer satisfaction by providing an easy way for your clients to fill out forms.

View and submit forms from a desktop or mobile device, increasing mobility and flexibility.

Reduce the environmental impact caused by paper by digitizing the entire process.


Therefore™ E-forms are part of Therefore™ 2020. No additional licenses are required.

No additional licenses are required; E-forms are completely free with the purchase of any Therefore™ system.