Our selection of solutions make email more secure, traceable, and accessible. Emails can be better connected to the information flowing throughout your organization, helping you improve customer service, accelerate turnaround and reduce errors.

Consolidate your emails and business information

Emails can be quickly and easily saved to Therefore™: for ad-hoc purposes, you can simply drag & drop emails from your inbox into Therefore™, or use the integrated “Save to Therefore™” button. It’s possible to configure profiles to automatically extract key information like the name of the sender, subject, and date. Emails from a pre-defined mailbox, such as an order form, can be automatically monitored and saved without any user intervention. And of course, once an email is saved into the system it can be added to a case or workflow to further improve efficiency.


  • Quickly save emails to Therefore™, either by drag & drop or with the integrated “Save to Therefore™” button in Microsoft Outlook.
  • Monitor emails in a pre-defined mailbox and automatically save them to Therefore™ without any user intervention. Use profiles to extract key information like the sender, subject, and date.
  • Emails saved into the system can be incorporated into a project or case, or can initiate a workflow process to improve efficiency.

Securely archive your emails

Communications via email often need to be retained and archived for audit or traceability purposes. Our Microsoft Exchange connector allows you to automatically archive emails in Therefore™ and on secure storage media according to pre-defined policies.

Integrate with your email client

Therefore™ offers integrations with:


  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Exchange Server