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Therefore™ Online – April Update

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The April Update of Therefore™ Online is coming soon! This update will be released in the first week of April.


More Authentication Methods

Create single sign-on experiences by integrating through open standards based on JWT, OAuth 2.0, and OpenID Connect. Pre-built connections to Azure Active Directory and Okta let you jump-start your integration so you can quickly streamline your work with Therefore™.


  • Feature Highlights and Benefits
      • JWT Tokens: JSON Web Tokens form the foundation for OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect. They can also be used to integrate directly between a third-party app like an ERP system and Therefore™.
      • OAuth 2.0: An open authorization standard that lets users grant permission to an application to act on their behalf.
      • OpenID Connect: An open authentication standard on top of OAuth 2.0. Using this standard in Therefore™ Online, users can enjoy a single sign-on experience through Azure Active Directory, Okta, etc. Once authenticated, users can sign in to Therefore™ without needing to enter their credentials separately.


Automatic Document Creation

Create PDF or Office documents based on templates.

  • Feature Highlights and Benefits
      • Document Types: Office and PDF templates.
      • Workflow: New documents in Office or PDF format can be created automatically as part of a workflow with no manual input required. Index data is mapped to fields within templates to produce a new document.
      • Use Cases: Orders, quotes, invoices, or any process that requires a template-based response or result.


Storage Notifications

Configurable notifications for approaching storage limit.

  • Pop-up notification within clients to notify admins and opted-in users the system is approaching the storage limit.
  • E-mail notifications can also be configured.


But that’s not all! Check out the latest release notes for a full list of changes in the April 2019 Update.


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