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Therefore™ 2020 Launch

August, 10 by  |  Announcements, Events, Webinars

Therefore™ 2020 is finally here!

This new version of Therefore™ includes many exciting features that boost security, innovation, and user experience.


New Security Concept

Role Based Access Control
The introduction of attribute-based access control lets users have attributes or roles that define their permissions. Users are then assigned to a role so there’s no need to configure permissions on an individual level. This allows for granular permission control and ease of management in complex security environments.

New Dynamic Web Client

Therefore™ 2020 boasts a new dynamic web client for accessing Therefore™ over the Internet using a web browser.
A responsive design adjusts to the screen size to bring the best user experience, regardless of device.
Furthermore, a new dashboard view has been added to the web client. This completely customizable interface allows users to add tiles to their dashboard to perform and monitor many different types of activities such as: bookmarks, workflow processes and notifications, reporting, saving documents, custom links, and more.
Users who prefer the classic web client interface can continue working as before. Switching to the new web client is as easy as flipping a switch.

Expanded eSignature Support

The existing integrations with eSignature providers have been expanded in Therefore™ 2020. Building on the existing integration with the leading eSignature provider DocuSign, Therefore™ 2020 introduces native integrations with the providers SimpleSign, YouSign, and Scrive. Users can take advantage of these turnkey solutions to easily and quickly collect signatures for documents in Therefore™. Both manual and automated modes for getting documents electronically signed are available to suit all types of signing scenarios, from simple ad-hoc signing to complex workflows that require multiple signatures in a certain order, or at different times.
Furthermore, Therefore™ 2020 also offers a provider-agnostic interface that supports integration possibilities with other eSignature providers. A defined interface and procedure supplied by Therefore™ makes it easy to add a third-party eSignature provider to fit specific regional or signing needs.


A new workflow task is available to automatically call REST services from within a Therefore™ workflow. This allows for simple, codeless integrations with external services that use a REST API. For example, as part of a workflow, a REST call can send data from Therefore™ to an ERP to update a database. A REST call could also retrieve information from an ERP such as a matching PO number or line items.