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Therefore™ 2022 Launch

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Therefore™ 2022 is finally here!

This new version of Therefore™ is an information management platform designed around you that enhances document capture and user experience while connecting seamlessly with your IT infrastructure.


Performance Enhancements

Therefore™ 2022 boasts full compatibility with the latest and greatest products in your IT infrastructure, including:

  • Windows 11
  • Windows Server 2022
  • SQL Server 2019
  • ODBC driver v17.8
  • Microsoft Office 2021 and 365
  • Kofax Power PDF v4.1
  • HelloSign & SignSmart eSignatures



Beyond that, there are significant changes that increase general system performance:


  • Significant improvement in search performance for queries that return large datasets. This cuts down long searches to a matter of seconds. This is configurable for on-premise systems, but auto-managed in Therefore™ Online for optimal performance.


  • Therefore™ Online: efficient conversion server scaling results in 5-fold performance increase of full-text OCR – even large batches of documents are indexed quickly.


  • Increased speed of Import/Export actions and added support for exporting retention policies, dashboards, and using a category as a referenced table.


  • Security enhancement: we shortened lifetime of one-time tokens returned by the GetJWTToken call of the Therefore™ WebAPI to 30 minutes for increased security.


Therefore™ Dynamic Web View

Therefore™ Dynamic Web View’s functionality is expanding rapidly with Therefore™ 2022. These features are part of the latest version:

  • Shareable user dashboards
  • View document history and retrieve specific versions
  • Multi-tab viewing
  • Access to all linked objects such as cases, workflows, tasks, etc.
  • Document preview is now available in the case document panel


User dashboards in the Dynamic Web View can be shared among departments or individuals. Administrators can define which groups see which dashboards.

Therefore™ Smart Capture

Three major enhancements to Therefore™ Smart Capture make invoice processing more flexible and powerful than ever before. Note: Therefore™ Smart Capture is not available in all regions. Check with your local product teams for more details.


Automation (Skip Manual Verification)

It’s now possible to fully automate the Smart Capture Process. This can be achieved by enabling «Automation»in the Smart Capture Settings dialog. This means saving and indexing invoices can be done without any human labor, saving time and money!



Data Matching

It is now possible to use a supplier database as a referenced table to help the Therefore™ Smart Capture recognition process (data matching). This can help improve the accuracy of data saved to Therefore™.


Schema Customization

A Smart Capture Schema refers to the fields that are available to Smart Capture. It’s possible to customize a schema so that Smart Capture fits your precise accounting needs. Change names of fields, add fields, add defaults, or make certain fields mandatory.

Other Enhancements

  • Use ADFS with OpenID Connect to connect to Therefore™
  • Local users: log in with UPN names, e.g.
  • Export documents to an SFTP folder using the workflow export task
  • Convert documents to ‘Image PDF’ with the Convert Document task
  • Customize the size of stamps used in annotations
  • Indexing profiles: Define the behavior of the AutoAppend function, allowing the user to either ‘Keep existing index values’ or ‘Overwrite index values’
  • Therefore™ Online: sign PDFs with custom certificates
  • Thai language User Interface has been added

Launch Webinar

Missed the launch webinar? Watch the recording below.


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