Therefore Go FAQ

Introducing Therefore™ Go!

Therefore™ Go is a new app designed for Therefore™ 2017. A fresh look and feel makes the app stand out with a responsive user interface and increased performance. Combined with high reliability and intuitive design, Therefore™ Go delivers a smooth and dynamic mobile experience.


Check out the FAQs below to learn more!

How can I get Therefore™ Go?

Download Therefore™ Go from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).

Which versions of Therefore™ are compatible with Therefore™ Go?

Therefore™ Go will work with Therefore™ 2016 Update 6 and Therefore™ 2017 (all versions), as well as future versions of Therefore™.*


Older versions of Therefore™ are still compatible with the “classic” Therefore™ Mobile App.


Make sure the following settings are configured on the Therefore™ Server:

  • The Therefore™ XML Web Service must be installed.
  • The checkbox Enable XML Web Services API must be activated in the Therefore™ Solution Designer settings as shown here.
  • In the Therefore™ Go connection settings, set the port number to match the port specified in the point above (default value is 8000).


*Hotfixes are available on the Therefore™ Extranet for Therefore™ 2016 Update 6, 2017, and 2017 Update 1 to fix these small issues:

  • Android only: Document previews may not be displayed in high quality.
  • Index data formatting such as dates may be displayed in an incorrect format.
What can I do with Therefore™ Go?

Therefore™ Go allows users to find Therefore™ documents, view index data, and process workflow tasks on their phones or tablets.


  • Search for documents and cases using index data filters or full-text search terms.


  • View documents and their associated index data directly within the app.


  • Find workflow tasks, view their associated documents and index data, and choose from several processing options.


  • Edit index data.
Does Therefore™ Go replace the current Therefore™ Mobile App?

No*. Therefore™ Go and the Therefore™ Mobile App will both be available in parallel for the time being. After a certain transition period, the “classic” Therefore™ Mobile App will be phased out, and Therefore™ Go will become the standard app for Therefore™.


*The “classic” Therefore™ Mobile App is not compatible with iOS 11.

Both the “classic” Therefore™ Mobile App and Therefore™ Go will remain available in the Play Store for Android devices.

I’m an iOS user. What are my options?

The “classic” Therefore™ Mobile App is not compatible with iOS 11. If you currently use the “classic” app on an iOS device, you have two options:


  • Download and use Therefore™ Go after upgrading to iOS 11. Make sure that Therefore™ Go supports the functionality you need before doing this.
  • Don’t upgrade to iOS 11. The “classic” Therefore™ Mobile App will continue working.
How often will Therefore™ Go be updated?

Therefore™ Go will be updated continuously as we add more features and improvements. For users, Therefore™ Go will be updated on their device just like any other app, so they can immediately enjoy the benefits each update brings.

Which languages are supported by Therefore™ Go?

Therefore™ Go is available in all supported Therefore™ UI languages.

Is Therefore™ Go available in my region?

Therefore™ Go is available in all regions where Therefore™ is sold.