Therefore Online Email Sending

Information on email sending issues experienced on Therefore™ Online:


Problem description: Emails from the Therefore™ system may have failed to send. Users may have seen error messages in the Therefore™ Solution Designer when trying to send a test email. This happened only to customers who had configured Therefore™ to send emails from a custom email address (by changing the “SMTP sender” in Solution Designer settings) rather than the default one (<tenantname>


Due to changes in security policy, changing the “From” field to a custom email address is no longer allowed. In order to ensure an orderly transition, this feature will remain active until the 1st of March, but will be deactivated for all tenants at that point. To continue sending emails from the Therefore™ system, two options are available:


  1. Use the default “From” email (<tenantname> to send emails.
  2. Configure Therefore™ to send emails using your own SMTP server. This can be configured in the Therefore™ Solution Designer:


If you want to use your own “From” address (SMTP sender) Therefore recommends using your own SMTP server to send emails. This allows you to keep using your own custom “From” email address while maintaining full control of your email domain and settings.