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Therefore™ Online – November Update

October, 31 by  |  Announcements, Information Management, Technology Spotlight

The November Update of Therefore™ Online is coming soon! This update will be released in mid-November. Sign up for status updates here to get notified of exactly when your region will be updated!


Improvements to eForms

Many improvements and enhancements have been made to eForms in Therefore™. The list below features the main changes.


Feature Highlights

      • Users can now save drafts of their eForms submissions and come back later to finish or change them.
      • Existing forms can be duplicated.
      • Images can be placed on eForms.
      • Support for pre-filling eForms using URL parameters.
      • The eForms designer page UI is now translated into all supported Therefore™ UI languages.



The eSignature integration options offered by Therefore™ have been expanded.


Feature Highlights

      • Connectors for SimpleSign and Yousign eSignature providers are included in the Therefore™ Solution Designer.
      • An eSignature service now makes it possible to develop integrations with additional eSignature providers of choice using the Therefore™ API, but only in automatic mode.
      • A new eSignature ‘Automatic Workflow Task’ has been added to include the uploading of documents
        for electronic signing.
      • Support for push notifications in Therefore™ if supported by the eSignature provider.


Other notable changes

  • Administrators can define a Microsoft OneDrive folder in the Therefore™ Solution Designer to allow users to upload, remove and edit Microsoft Office documents through the Therefore™ web client.
  • Meta-data from a Workflow Export Task can now also be exported as a JSON or a CSV File (in addition to the existing XML option).
  • The classic Therefore™ Mobile App has been officially discontinued. Going forward, support will only be provided for Therefore™ Go.


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