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Transforming the HR Onboarding Process

abril, 25 by  |  Department Solutions, Webinars

Productive and engaged employees are the heart of a successful company. Effective human resource management leads to higher personnel retention rates, a more productive workforce, and higher levels of employee engagement. Achieving these objectives, however, requires surmounting a field of challenges:

  • Budgets and staff counts in human resources continue to decrease, forcing HR managers to operate with reduced cost and labor.
  • Rising staff turnover rates in developed economies add to the volume of onboarding procedures.
  • Governmental regulations continue to increase, making compliance an increasingly time-consuming task.

According to the Hackett Group, the future effectiveness of human resource management depends on transforming to a digital environment and manner of operation. In this webinar, we look at some of the common challenges facing HR departments and explore how Therefore™ can streamline and improve these processes and challenges.



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