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Mejoras y cambios


The following enhancements and changes are part of the Thereforeā„¢ 2023 release.




Performance Enhancements

Added support of Microsoft SQL Server 2022




Thereforeā„¢ Dynamic Web View

Increased stability and performance

Added an option to download documents

Added an option to print documents

Added an option to access Thereforeā„¢ eForms from the Thereforeā„¢ Dynamic Web View

Added an option to execute saved searches

Enabled saving changes to search filters such as hit-list layout, order, and grouping in Advanced Search and Quick Searches

Added the option to open and edit documents in Microsoft Office




Thereforeā„¢  Solution Designer

Added a filter function to Thereforeā„¢ Referenced Tables

The legacy method of Single Sign On with AD FS has been deprecated. All new configurations are required to use the new method: AD FS over OIDC

Added a search function to the tree view of the Thereforeā„¢ Solution Designer

Enabled viewing of the workflow history without the 'participate' permission

Added UTF-8 BOM character to CSV export in the Export Workflow task

REST Call Workflow Task: Added support for top level anonymous array to JSON extractor

Added an option to embed fonts during PDF conversion in the Create New Document task

Added the option to export configurations with or without secrets, and to encrypt the secrets with a password during export

Added a zip data extractor to the indexing profiles to process and extract zip files

Enabled Thereforeā„¢ On-Premise users to use Thereforeā„¢ for Microsoft Teams

Made the tenant name in the Solution Designer visible to help users avoid mistakes while working on a multi-tenant system

Enabled starting multiple Solution Designer instances on the same PC




Thereforeā„¢ Smart Capture*

Added the use of multiple queues per tenant

Added the option to draw consumption reports for Smart Capture queues to the Solution Designer

Enabled the user to define the order of data matching fields in the manual verification dialog

Enabled Data Matching with line item fields

Enabled selection of Smart Capture engines in order to process specific document types




Thereforeā„¢  Workflow

Added the functionality to send documents via REST to 3rd party web services

Enabled administrators to make multiple REST requests from a single Call REST Service workflow task

Added a Copy Document workflow tasks allowing users to automatically copy documents to another category




Thereforeā„¢ Content Connector

Added functionality to automatically retry loading input sources to include sources that were not available at start up

Added a new service to monitor and download documents from external services

Added a checkbox to enable and disable monitoring for specific services




Thereforeā„¢ eForms

Enabled reordering the pages when configuring eForms in the Wizard form type

Enabled the use of a fixed filter in the Table Lookup component

Added an option to define a search order in the Table Lookup component

Added the option to hide components when generating a PDF document

Enabled changing the option "Items per page" for the Table Lookup component individually

Added a setting in the Thereforeā„¢ Navigator that allows users to open eForms in the PC's system browser




Thereforeā„¢ eSignatures

Added an option to save the Signer Status for some eSignature providers:

 Skribble, VismaSign, PleaseSign, SimpleSign: Save Signer Status

 DocuSign, Yousign, HelloSign: Save Signer Status with Comment

Added new options for Circularo: one-time passwords, sign on page, and specify page

Added push notifications for Circularo, Scrive, PleaseSign, and HelloSign

Added a new provider: ConsignO




Thereforeā„¢ Server

Added the option to subscribe to notifications about changes in the workflow inbox using Microsoft Teams

Added the new server setting 'PDF Text Threshold' for evaluating whether OCR is needed

Added a setting to clear the TheReporting table entries (workflow statistics) after 90 days

Changed how stale workflow instances are processed. Stale instances are processed once a day outside working hours. Instances are considered stale after 30 days by default, but this can be configured in the Advanced Settings of the Thereforeā„¢ Solution Designer.

Decreased the interval for sending emails for long overdue workflow instances

 - New instance: Send emails daily or in the defined interval

 - 2 weeks old: Send once a week

 - 1 month old: Send once a month (every 30 days)

 - 6 months old: Stop sending




Thereforeā„¢ Clients

Added proxy authentication (user name and password fields) to the advanced settings dialog UI

Added filter to list all overdue workflow instances




Thereforeā„¢ Web API

Enabled receiving document streams in binary format providing better performance

Enabled sending and receiving file data as base64 via the REST JSON endpoint (for example, to update or create documents)




Security Enhancements

Migrated all applications from ADAL to MSAL




*Thereforeā„¢ Smart Capture is available only in select regions.

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