About us

Who we are

We’re based in beautiful Austria and are passionate about creating technology for people. Today, the cornerstone of our development is our commitment to listening to our customers. We are backed by investors Canon and Equity 51 and are a dynamic, real-time company.

Our Management Team

What we do

Therefore Corporation provides information management software for businesses of all sizes in every industry and department. Our solutions help increase security, make documents more accessible, increase visibility of changes, and help employees become more efficient and productive.


We offer a wide range of tools to achieve these goals, ranging from a flexible workflow module, to integration with your existing systems, case management, mobile access, and capture tools.

Our Product

Our Services


Our distribution partners offer consultancy services to assist you in planning, coordinating and implementing projects from conception to realization. Therefore plays a supportive role, offering our partners consultancy support specific to our product.


In addition, Therefore also offers a customization service to add features or integration above and beyond our standard software.

Installation & Setup

Our partners' technical experts can handle all aspects of installation, ensuring smooth integration of the new system without disrupting your workflow. Following installation, you will be provided with a detailed report on how the solution handles the capture, management and distribution of your documents. You'll understand exactly how your Therefore™ information solution works and experts will be at your side if support is required.

Support & Training

With a valid maintenance contract in place, our resellers will provide you with technical support to keep your Therefore™ system working at 100%. Please also talk to your reseller about any training needs your company may have. Our distribution partners have access to online training to stay up to speed with the latest developments in Therefore™ information management solutions. In addition, they have access to our expert technical support to solve and improve any issues.

Our Case Studies