In the world of big data, integration helps you bridge the gap.

Integration is important in the context of information management as it allows for disparate systems and data sources to be connected and work together seamlessly, improving efficiency, reducing errors, and providing a more complete and accurate view of an organization's information.

Integrating third-party systems such as ERPs, CRMs, and other business applications with Therefore™ can offer several advantages for organizations looking to optimize their operations and improve efficiency. By connecting disparate systems and data sources, integration enables the automation of routine processes, reducing manual data entry and errors, and enabling employees to focus on higher value tasks. Additionally, integration can provide a centralized view of information across systems, allowing for faster and more informed decision-making. This can help organizations to gain a more complete and accurate view of their data, enabling them to identify patterns and trends that can inform business strategy and drive growth.

Therefore™ offers many integration possibilities, including:

  • Native external connectors

    Therefore™ offers pre-built, native connectors for a number of popular third-party systems, including: SAP, Xero, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft Share Point, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Power BI, PlanetPress, uniFLOW, I.R.I.S., as well as various providers of EFSS and eSignature services.

  • Internal connectors

    Therefore™ offers a number of useful internal tools for integrating in other clever ways. These include the Therefore™ Content Connector and Universal Connector.

  • Integration through the API

    Therefore™ is open for integration. Not only does it offer an open API for endless integration possibilities, but native support for REST calls allow Therefore™ to easily integrate with any line-of-business solution that offers a REST API.

External connectors

Therefore™ makes it easy to connect to some of the most popular line-of-business solutions on the market.

Therefore™ Integration with eSignature Providers

Documents saved in Therefore™ can be sent for signing using a supported eSignaure account. Therefore™ has out of the box connectors for many popular eSignature providers, including DocuSign, HelloSign, AdobeSign, and more. The entire legal signing process is handled by the eSignature provider. Once completed, documents can be manually or automatically retrieved and saved back to Therefore™. In addition, a vendor neutral API interface makes it easy to create additional connections to other eSignature providers.

Therefore™ Integration with Microsoft Office

Integration with Microsoft Office is standard on all Therefore™ versions. Save documents and emails to Therefore™ from within Office applications such as Word, Excel, Outlook and more. Use Office templates to create new Therefore™ documents, or generate new Office documents using information sourced from Therefore™.

Therefore™ Integration with Microsoft Power BI

Therefore™ software’s built-in integration with Microsoft Power BI enhances the analytic capabilities of Therefore™ by providing a real-time, interactive dashboard of the company’s data that is simple to configure and use. Users adjust reports on the fly and structure their data in ways that make sense to them. Managers can make the most of their information from a single view of real-time data in the Therefore™ system. Mobile access through the Power BI app means users can take their data with them and never be left in the dark.

Therefore™ Connector Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Business Central is the latest incarnation of the Microsoft Dynamics line of ERP/CRM solutions for small to medium sized businesses. Formerly called Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Navision, this new version is cloud-based and provides solutions for managing information on finances, customers, sales and customer service.

Therefore™ Connector for Microsoft SharePoint

Therefore™ used in conjunction with SharePoint® improves your office efficiency. By integrating Therefore™ with SharePoint, single documents or entire libraries can be moved from SharePoint to Therefore™. Once in Therefore™, use workflow and scanning tools to expand your SharePoint experience.

Therefore™ Integration with Xero

Automate your Accounts Payable through a 2-way integration with Xero. Streamline AP processes and improve productivity through automation.

Click here to learn more about the Therefore™ Integration with Xero.

Therefore™ Connector for SAP

The Therefore™ Connector for SAP makes it possible to send data between the SAP and Therefore™ systems. The connector is based on ArchiveLink, and is certified by SAP for integration with S/4HANA and NetWeaver. By using the Therefore™ system in conjunction with SAP, it’s possible to maximize the use of both systems, increase the visibility and accessibility of key business data, and ensure the long-term performance of your SAP system.

Therefore™ Integration with uniFLOW and I.R.I.S.

As a member of the Canon family of software solutions, Therefore™ integrates very well with Canon’s output management solutions uniFLOW and uniFLOW Online, as well as document scanning solutions by I.R.I.S.

Therefore™ Integration with EFSS Providers

EFSS stands for Enterprise File Sync and Share, which refers to a set of software tools and services that enable organizations to securely store, synchronize, and share files and documents across multiple devices and users. Therefore™ integrates with the top 4 providers of cloud EFSS services. Automatically import, index and  save documents from Microsoft OneDrive, Google  Drive, Dropbox and Box using the Therefore™  Content Connector. Share documents automatically using workflow functionality.

Internal connectors

Therefore™ offers a number of useful internal tools for integrating in other clever ways.

Therefore™ Content Connector

The Therefore™ Content Connector runs as a service that monitors input folders and mailboxes and automatically processes documents using defined indexing profiles. It can import and index documents from folders, mailboxes, and cloud EFSS platforms. It runs as a monitoring service, so only one Content Connector licenses is needed per system, not per user.

The Therefore™ Content Connector can:

  • Extract index data from the file name or contents of text, PDF and XML files in order to automatically save and index documents in Therefore™. For TXT and XML files, you can define a display form for use as a background when viewing the document.
  • Automatically save and index documents based on an accompanying TXT or XML data file (this can also be done by the Document Loader).
  • Integrate with eSignature providers and automatically gather legally-binding signatures from external parties.
  • Integrate with cloud storage platforms (Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox) and automatically import content into Therefore™.

Therefore™ Universal Connector

The Universal Connector offers an easy, codeless way to integrate line of business applications with Therefore™. With a simple keystroke, you can immediately pull up related information from Therefore™, or save already-indexed information to your Therefore™ repository. The Connector maximizes productivity and creates a tighter link between the information and applications routinely used by your company.

With the Universal Connector you can efficiently connect information from 3rd-party applications to Therefore™ using two functionalities:

The clipboard function uses any highlighted text from virtually any application to execute functions in Therefore™.
The scanning function scans dialogs in third-party applications for metadata, and uses this information to save or search for documents.

External Database Tables

Therefore™ gives you multiple options for integrating with external databases. A common example of this is being able to use a table of vendors or customers that is stored on another system’s database. You can connect external tables to Therefore™ with multiple options for how data should be synchronized. Even Therefore™ Online customers can integrate with external database using a method called Table Replication. This integration is possible with any Therefore™ edition at no extra cost.

Custom solutions

Therefore™ is open for integration. The Therefore™ API and native support for REST calls make it possible to connect with virtually any system.

Therefore™ API

The Therefore™ Application Program Interface (API) allows for easy integration with applications such as ERP or CRM systems and for the creation of customizable standalone programs that work with the Therefore™ system. It provides the potential to seamlessly connect information directly from a third- party application and improve the way you work by making the information you need easily accessible, visible and secure.

The Therefore™ API enables:

  • Integration with 3rd-party systems.
  • Searching for documents saved in Therefore™, from within in 3rd-party applications.
  • Scanning and capturing documents to Therefore™ from within 3rd- party applications.
  • Editing and viewing documents stored in Therefore™ within 3rd-party applications.
  • Integration of Therefore™ Workflow in 3rd-party applications.
  • Secure storage of documents in Therefore™ for improved data management in 3rd-party applications.


REST Calls

Therefore™ supports integration scenarios using REST calls. Therefore™ can initiate a REST call from a workflow, to GET, POST, PUT, PATCH and DELETE information from an external service or app to or from Therefore™. Typical use scenarios include getting data from an ERP system and sending it to Therefore™, integration with external websites such as currency conversation, language translation, or sending SMS via integration with an SMS provider service. Virtually any app or software with a REST API can be integrated in this manner.

REST Calls in Therefore™

This webinar is a non technical, high level introduction to REST calls in Therefore™. The objective will be to equip pre-sales, and others in similar roles to conceptually understand this feature, and be able to scope solutions to customer issues.

View webinar

More about Therefore™ and Business Central

In this video, Therefore Corporation’s Wolfgang Gogg introduces the Therefore™ Connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and goes through installation, configuration, and a demo of the features.

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