Therefore™ in Construction

The success of your builds depend upon numerous teams and individuals – all with their own contracts, documents, information, and policies. The volume of documents necessary to have on hand can quickly become overwhelming, especially without a skilled office/project manager. With Therefore™ your project files are stored and viewed in one place, with the ability to automate tasks like sending forms to the owner for sign off, or even create time off request forms for the crew. Therefore™ helps you spend less time in the office and more time pulling the project together onsite.

“We now work with Therefore™, which enables us to scan in construction drawings via the Plotter, print them, assign them to a project, and archive them electronically.”
- Paul Spliethoff, Rampelmann & Spliethoff

Scale Up or Down

Flexibility bends: it doesn’t snap.


Being able to scale your operations up or down easily is critical for any company. Therefore™ erases your document storage concerns, making it easy to pull the necessary and correct documents you need, even with a skeleton crew.


It works better when it works together.


  • Native integration with Microsoft Office Outlook, SAP, NAV and the possibility to integrate with many other systems guarantees all your information is easily available.
  • Integration with industry-specific products like Databuild so you can enhance and make the most of your existing infrastructure.
  • View all your files in one place. Yes – CADD files, too.

Process Automation

The closest you can get to buying time.


  • Handle Accounts Payable like a pro. Automatically capture incoming invoices and route them through streamlined, fully digital approval processes.
  • Integration with backend systems like Databuild makes it easy to put your existing data to work for you through process automation.
  • Use automated processes for recurring tasks like contractor on- and off-boarding or check-in processes to ensure only authorized contractors or sub-contractors are on site. Stay safe, compliant, and traceable at all times.
  • Workflows can automatically route invoices to the correct business partner for approval; clear deadlines ensure documents are reviewed and signed quickly
  • Capture and retain important customers by wowing them with quick turnaround


Don’t let your business be slowed down.


  • Authorized users can access documents from anywhere in the world.
  • Share documents with external parties such as owners, electricians, plumbers, and banks through a customizable portal.
  • Don’t waste time looking for documents – Therefore™’s full-text search makes it easy to find what you need, so you can be prepared for anything.
  • Computer, phone, or tablet; office, home, or in-between, Therefore™ is accessible anywhere, anytime you need it.
  • Archived documents can be found, read, and processed on the go using the Therefore™ Mobile App without taking the documents out of the system for faster approval and processing.


Protect your time and money from attacks.


  • Ransomware attacks can put your business down for days/weeks/months and costs tens of thousands or more. Can you afford that?
  • Many companies think they’re too small to be targeted but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Decreased Costs, Increased Profits

When your team works more efficiently, the bottom-line benefits.


Let’s review how Therefore™ can help:

  • Maximize earning potential by reducing employee time spent on searching for necessary documents.
  • Reduce turnover costs by keeping the appearance of a tightly run ship – never look disorganized to your crew or clients.
  • Keep clients happy by being on-time and put-together.