Therefore™ in Consulting

As information is the lifeblood of any consulting business, it’s important that it’s available at any time, properly managed, and part of efficient company workflows.


By adopting Therefore™, you can move to a more efficient and productive way of working. Decrease your reliance on paper, improve collaboration, and automatically create cases to group related documents together.


Improve client communication through detailed views of all past correspondence, clear deadlines and defined responsibilities.


Improve collaboration in your team using the Check-in/Check-out feature and take advantage of complete traceability of all changes made to documents. Decrease document archiving and retrieval costs, free up consultants’ valuable time for strategic tasks.

By electronically managing information, consulting companies of all sizes can achieve the following benefits:

Decreased costs

By archiving documents electronically, businesses can cut photocopying and storage costs, and decrease errors related to manual indexing.

Faster processing

Workflows automatically route documents to the correct employee; completing tasks isn’t dependent on a single employee’s memory. Tasks that aren’t processed in time can be escalated to the relevant manager, and employees can be reminded of impending due dates with automatic email reminders. Workflows can be used to route projects or reports to other team members to ensure feedback and data are incorporated in a timely manner.

Mobile access

Archived documents can be found, read, and processed on the go using the Therefore™ Mobile App.

Compliant archiving

Securely store all documents, maintain compliancy standards, and delete documents once the legally mandated time period for storage has expired.

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