Collaborating with others is part of almost every job, but it’s certainly not easy!


Who made what changes? Which version is the most recent? Was this copy reviewed by the manager? Where did my colleague save the report? How do I collaborate with those who are working remotely?


These are just some of the many questions that frequently come up when dealing with collaborative work.


Therefore™ offers numerous advantages to companies who are seeking to improve their collaborative processes, including:

Centralized access to information

Instead of sending documents back and forth via e-mail, all collaborators can access up-to-date information from the same, central repository.

Version control and history

Check-out controls ensure that numerous versions of a document are not created simultaneously, and users can leave check-in comments after modifying documents to inform others of the changes they’ve made. All versions of a document are kept within in the system, in case you need to revert to an earlier version.

PDF annotations pane

A navigable annotations pane makes it simple and straightforward to search for and review annotations others have made to PDF documents.

Mobile access options

Even when colleagues are out of the office, they can still access the repository, participate in workflows and review changes made to documents.

Easy ad-hoc tasks assignment

Quickly and easily assign tasks to your coworkers with due dates and descriptions of what needs to be completed.

Traceable approval workflows

Automate approval procedures for expedited approval and full traceability. You’ll always know where your documents are in the process!

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