With Therefore™, all important information is kept in one location and can be accessed in complete security from a mobile phone or tablet, a web browser, or even taken offline and synchronized once reconnected to the server.

Find and view documents

Take pictures and save directly to Therefore™ using the mobile app

Process workflow tasks

Update index data

Save information from 3rd party software to Therefore™

Supported on Android and iOS devices

No extra cost! Download for free!

Together, these features help ensure that documents stored in Therefore™ are easily accessible from your mobile devices and can easily work with your business processes.

Our Solutions

In addition to the Mobile app, Therefore™ also supports Web access, which enables Therefore to be accessed using a web browser. No software installation is necessary! Simply pull up the Therefore using your favorite, modern web browser to access all your documents and workflows in Therefore.

Starting with Therefore™ 2020, a brand new, dynamic web client is available. This modern web access features responsive design, and allows users to create custom dashboards.