Thereforeā„¢ Workflow enables you to digitize your business processes. By moving away from a physical, paper-based process to an optimized electronic process, you can easily decrease the time needed to complete the process, increase accuracy, and improve the visibility, traceability as well as enhance customer service by proving faster, more accurate information.



Workflows can be easily designed using our drag and drop user interface. No programming!

Easily create parallel workflow paths, escalation routes, and exceptions.

E-mail notifications for new tasks, late tasks and overdue tasks.

Workflow history delivers a play-by-play overview of all actions.

Delegate workflow tasks to individuals or groups.

Customizable workflows allow you to integrate custom DLLs.

Workflows can wait for multiple documents to arrive before proceeding.

Workflows can be created on an individual document level, a case level, or a combination thereof.

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