What is the GDPR? 

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a regulation designed by the European Commission to create a uniform mandate for every EU/EEA member state on the protection of personal data held by an organization in the event of a data breach.

The current set of regulations found throughout the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA) is derived from a directive that was commissioned in 1995 and was designed to be interpreted and formed within the national contexts of individual EU/EEA member states. The new law is not a directive but a regulation that mandates all EU/EEA countries adhere to the same uniform law throughout the union, though some minimal level of variation may still exist within localized national contexts. The GDPR is meant to align privacy laws throughout the European Union and protect the personal data of its residents at home and abroad. As a globally active organization, Therefore Corporation welcomes the new regulation as a step in the right direction towards strengthening personal privacy rights.

As a globally active organization, Therefore Corporation welcomes the new regulation as a step in the right direction towards strengthening personal privacy rights.

Therefore™ software has passed a rigorous data protection audit by the consulting firm Ebner Stolz, one of the largest independent mid-sized consultancies in Germany.
According to Ebner Stolz’s lead auditor,

''We have found that Therefore follows the concepts of ‘Privacy by Design’ and ‘Privacy by Default’ thus allowing users to meet the requirements of the GDPR in regards to data and document management.''

Therefore™ software solutions have been verified and certified to enable an effective management of data in accordance to GDPR regulations.

How Therefore™ Can Help

The GDPR is a complex regulation that requires significant effort and investment in data security and protection by any affected entity.

Therefore Corporation strives to help you achieve compliance with the GDPR by offering an information management solution that allows you to store, find, and catalog the personal data retained by your organization and create a more secure data environment. Furthermore, Therefore™ offers resources that simplify the monitoring and management of the personal data you retain within the system, and provides tools to help you meet the GDPR’s reporting and assessment requirements.

However, based on the broad scope and nature of the GDPR, it is important to recognize that GDPR compliance goes beyond software. Compliance is the result of a combination of sound data protection policies, procedures, training, and reporting. Therefore™ can help your organization achieve these results, and thus GDPR compliance, by providing tools which make it easier for you to discover, manage, secure, and report on the personal data your organization retains.

A correctly configured, maintained, and administered Therefore™ system helps you to securely handle personal information and provide more protection against data breaches when combined with proper organizational procedures, training, and operations.

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