Therefore™ and VERS

What is the Victorian Electronic Records Strategy (VERS) Standard?


The Victorian Electronic Records Strategy (VERS) is a standard set out by the Public Record Office Victoria (PROV – Australia) that addresses the issues of capturing, managing and preserving electronic records.

PROV was created by the Victorian Public Records Act 1973 with the intention of creating better preservation management and utilization of the public records of the state. To attain VERS compliance, a product must be tested and certified by the Public Records Office Victoria, but due to its holistic testing process, VERS has become the global standard on electronic data preservation, as it stipulates a standard format for electronic records that focuses on reliable archiving.


Therefore™ is compliant

Therefore™ software has been certified as VERS compliant (PROS 99/007).

How Therefore™ Can Help


Therefore™ software has been certified as VERS compliant (PROS 99/007) since 2016, meeting all five of the standards specifications including:

  • Specification 1 – System Requirements for Preserving Electronic Records – Meets the requirements that a recordkeeping system must perform to preserve electronic records for an extensive period.
  • Specification 2 – VERS Metadata Scheme – Meets specifications on the metadata that a recordkeeping system must hold to conform to VERS.
  • Specification 3 – VERS Standard Electronic Record Format – Meet the technical definition of the VERS Encapsulated Object (VEO) format; the mandatory long-term format for records.
  • Specification 4 – VERS Long Term Preservation Formats – Meets the list of data formats that PROV accepts as suitable for representing documents for a significant period.
  • Specification 5 – Export of Electronic Records to PROV – Meets the list of approved media and mechanisms by which PROV will accept an export of electronic records.


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