Technical Bulletin for Therefore™ Online Customers

by Cono Fusco

Technical Bulletin for Therefore™ Online Customers


This bulletin is an advance notice of upcoming changes to Therefore™ Online. As part of our commitment to the stability, security, and longevity of Therefore™ Online, we are planning to implement various backend infrastructure upgrades to the platform through the end of 2023 and into 2024.

Please note that while these upgrades will improve overall system performance, users will not notice any immediate changes in functionality. All changes will be implemented by experienced Therefore™ Online technicians with no planned impact to users. No action from any user or system administrator is needed, with the exception of those impacted by Point 2 below.


Planned upgrades:

  1. Server and infrastructure upgrades that will improve security and stability. There will be no changes to functionality or system behavior, and no user action is required.
  2. Therefore™ Online’s public IP address will change.
    • The existing static IP address will be changed.
      • For the vast majority of customers, this change will have no impact. If you use a URL to access Therefore™ Online, like, this does not impact you and no action is required.
      • Only customers who are using an IP address instead of a URL to access Therefore™ Online will see a change. In this case, they will need to start using the new IP address once their tenant has been upgraded.
    • The outgoing IP address for traffic from Therefore™ Online will change from a dynamic to a static IP. This will allow customers to more easily whitelist traffic coming from Therefore™ Online.
      • If your organization does not need to whitelist incoming traffic, this does not impact you and no action is required.
    • We encourage customers who will be affected to reach out to their local Canon support team or the Therefore support team to discuss these changes.


The first Therefore™ Online system that will be upgraded is Canada. The upgrades will start in mid-January.

The first round of upgrades will include tenants used for demo and other non-production purposes. Production tenants will be gradually upgraded starting at the end of January.


Other Therefore™ Online systems, including Europe, United States, Southeast Asia, India, Japan, and Australia, will be upgraded throughout the first quarter of 2024. Exact dates for these systems will be confirmed as we come closer to the upgrade.

The Therefore team will communicate upgrades several weeks in advance on both the Therefore™ Online status page and via admin messages in the Therefore™ UI.