Technical Bulletin for users of the Therefore™ MFP (MEAP) App

by Cono Fusco

Technical Bulletin for users of the Therefore™ MFP (MEAP) App


UPDATE 18 JANUARY 2024: The issue has been resolved. Any downloads of the Therefore™ MFP App v4.9 after 18 January 2024 are not affected by the issue described below.


A technical issue related to licensing is currently affecting users of the Therefore™ MFP (MEAP) App v4.9. Due to this issue, updating from v4.8 to v4.9 will result in a failed installation. A clean installation of v4.9 is possible.


Therefore recommends the following workarounds/procedures at this time:

  • If possible, do not install or upgrade to v4.9 for now. A fixed v4.9 will be released once the provider of the licensing system has resolved the issue.
  • If you must update to v4.9, for example if you have a new device that doesn’t work with v4.8, please be aware of the following:
    • The currently available v4.9 works as expected, however:
    • You will need to perform a clean installation of v4.9 instead of updating from v4.8. This will likely require you to re-enter all previous settings.
    • If you install the currently available v4.9, you will not be able to update it. You will need to manually uninstall it and reinstall the fixed v4.9 OR a future version. You can contact the Therefore Support Team if you require assistance with this upgrade.