Therefore™ 2024 Available Now!

by Cono Fusco

A new version of Therefore™ is available now!


Therefore™ 2024 will be launching globally on the 30th of April 2024. This new version of Therefore™ brings customers the latest information management tools to boost collaboration, integration, and the user experience.


Therefore™ Online systems will also be upgraded to this latest version (v31). Check to find the exact date your regional Therefore™ Online system will be upgrade to the new version. Please note that Therefore™ Online customers may already have some of the features listed below since they were made available early to cloud subscribers in October 2023.



Therefore™ 2024 brings many new features to the table, including:


A redesigned web client

The Therefore™ Dynamic Web Viewer has been completely rebuilt from the ground up, making it more performant, faster and easier to use than ever before.



Add comments to workflows, documents, and cases. All comments include the user and a timestamp.


Document Sharing

It’s now possible to share a document in Therefore™ via a link, to both internal and external users.


Conditional Properties

Conditional properties can be set for index data and during workflow. It’s now possible to add a wide range of conditional formatting and calculations to many field types, including text fields, tabs and more.


Referenced Web Services

REST Workflow tasks allow you to send and receive information to REST apps and services from a workflow. Referenced tables allow you to connect to an external database. Now you can combine a REST call and referenced table by using referenced web services.