Therefore™ can integrate with a number of 3rd Party E-Signature signing services including HelloSign, DocuSign, Simple Sign, and more. By digitizing the signing process, e-signature providers eliminate the need for cumbersome printing, sending, and retrieval of signed documents.

What is Digital Transaction Management?

Digital Transaction Management, or DTM for short, is a type of software cloud service designed to digitally manage document-based transactions. DTM is not restricted to document management itself, but rather includes features including but not limited to: e-signatures, authentication, legal permissibility, as well as document transfer, certification, traceability, and archiving.


In the real world, DTM helps all types of organizations manage document-based approvals and signature processes. It speeds up transaction times by removing the common barriers present in traditional, non-digital processes and workflows. By nature of being a cloud-based solution, DTM provides services to empower companies to improve the way they work without risky and costly investments in traditional IT infrastructure.

The Therefore™ Integration with E-Signature Providers

Documents saved in Therefore™ can be sent for signing using an e-signature provider account either manually from the Therefore™ Viewer or automatically during a workflow process. The entire legal signing process is then handled by the e-signature provider. Once completed, documents can be manually or automatically retrieved and saved back to Therefore™.


Therefore™ currently supports built-in integration with the following eSignature providers:

Check out the video below for more details on this integration, and scroll down to read more about how this integration works and learn more about how it benefits all types of organizations.

How it Works

Manual Processing

Get a document signed from the Therefore™ Viewer.

Upload the document to the e-signature provider and select the recipients, as well as the information needed from each signer.

The signers receive an email from the e-signature provider, and can then easily sign the documents. These can thereafter be saved and indexed to Therefore using an indexing profile for fast processing.

Automatic Processing

Automatically send out a document for signing, and save it back to Therefore™, without any user interaction.

Save a document in Therefore™ to start the workflow. The document is sent for signing according to the pre-configured signing template.

Once signed, the Therefore™ Content Connector will download any completed, signed documents from the e-signature provider. These are then saved back into Therefore™ without any user interaction.


Gather legally-binding signatures in a fast, reliable manner, cutting costs and saving time.

Increase employee productivity by removing the obstacles inherent to manual approvals and signing processes.

Accelerate transaction times per document to see improved KPIs such as shorter sales cycles and higher conversion rates.

Enhance customer satisfaction by providing an easy way for your clients to sign documents.

Ensure your documents are protected against unauthorized changes both before and after signing.

Reduce the environmental impact caused by paper documents by digitizing the entire signing process.


Third party e-signature provider license is required.

Content Connector license is required to automatically save the signed document back to Therefore, however, a Content Connector license is not required for manual saving.