Therefore™ is easy to integrate with many other software solutions to increase the value of both products and make work processes more efficient. The key behind these useful integrations is the Therefore™ API, a powerful tool for expanding the functionality of the Therefore™ system and integrating it with third-party solutions.

Therefore™ REST Calls

Therefore™ allows integration using REST calls. Therefore™ can initiate a REST call from a workflow, to GET , POST, PUT, PATCH and DELETE information from an external service or app to or from Therefore™. Typical use scenarios include getting data from an ERP system and sending it to Therefore™, integration with external websites such as currency conversation, language translation, or sending SMS via integration with an SMS provider service.

Therefore™ Connector for SAP Netweaver

The Therefore™ Connector for SAP NetWeaver makes it possible to send data between the SAP and Therefore™ systems. The connector is based on ArchiveLink, and is certified by SAP. By using the Therefore™ system in conjunction with SAP, it’s possible to maximize the use of both systems, increase the visibility and accessibility of key business data, and ensure the long-term performance of your SAP system.

Therefore™ Connector for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 and Business Central 15+ /365

The Therefore™ Connectors for Microsoft Dynamics NAV  and Dynamics NAV Business Central 15+ / 365 expands the integration capabilities of your Therefore™ system. The connector enables parallel usage of both Therefore™ and Dynamics NAV, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of both systems. Therefore™ documents are incorporated in the Dynamics NAV data structure, just as Dynamics NAV documents are automatically saved in the Therefore™ archive.

Therefore™ Connector Microsoft SharePoint

The Therefore™ Connector for Microsoft SharePoint was created to optimize and enhance existing SharePoint installations. With the connector, documents can be transferred from SharePoint to Therefore™, thereby reducing the load on the SharePoint database and increasing its performance.

Therefore™ Universal Connector

With the Therefore™ Universal Connector it’s possible to link many Windows-based business applications to the Therefore™ repository, making it easy to save and search for documents with just a few key presses.

Therefore™ Integration with Microsoft Office

Integration with Microsoft Office is standard on all Therefore™ versions. Save documents and emails to Therefore™ from within Office applications such as Word, Excel, Outlook and more. Use Office templates to create new Therefore™ documents, or generate new Office documents using information sourced from Therefore™.

Therefore™ Integration with PlanetPress

By combining Therefore™ and PlanetPress, data from an ERP system is immediately captured by PlanetPress and a document (such as an invoice) is created and saved to Therefore™. The invoice is then automatically matched with the corresponding delivery note. The newly stored information can be made available to customers even from home by using the Therefore™ Portal.

Therefore™ Integration with eSignature Providers

Documents saved in Therefore™ can be sent for signing using a supported eSignaure account. Therefore™ has out of the box connectors for Sinatura, Skribble, DocuSign, SimpleSign, YouSign, and Scrive.. The entire legal signing process is then handled by the eSignature provider. Once completed, documents can be manually or automatically retrieved and saved back to Therefore™. In addition, a vendor neutral API interface makes it easy to create additional connections to other eSignature providers.


More information can be found on our e-signatures solutions page.

Therefore™ Integration with Microsoft Power BI

Therefore™ software’s built-in integration with Microsoft® Power BI enhances the analytic capabilities of Therefore™ by providing a real-time, interactive dashboard of the company’s data that is simple to configure and use.


More information can be found on our business analytics solutions page.

Therefore™ Connector for Microsoft Exchange Server

The Therefore™ Connector for Microsoft Exchange Server is an efficient tool to seamlessly save e-mails in Microsoft Exchange to a secure storage location in Therefore™.

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