Licensing in Therefore™

Therefore™ is for businesses of all sizes, ranging from single user environments to enterprise configurations with thousands of users and numerous servers.

User Licenses

We offer 3 types of user licenses to cover all your business needs:  

Named User Licenses

These licenses are tied to a single user who frequently accesses the Therefore™ system.

Concurrent User Licenses

These licenses belong to a license pool which numerous users can access. As soon as the user signs out of Therefore™, the license is returned to the license pool, and another user can access the Therefore™ system using the same license point.

Read-Only User Licenses

These licenses provide read-only access to designated users. Read-only licenses are part of a license pool. When a read-only user signs out of Therefore™, another read-only user can log in to the system using the same license point.

Client Applications

All versions of Therefore™ include numerous modules and features straight out of the box at no additional charge. Additional licenses for capturing documents and integrating with third party systems are available.

Therefore™ Navigator

Therefore™ Navigator is the starting point for finding, editing and processing documents. Searches can be executed using various methods depending on the user’s preference. In addition, reports generated using the Business Analytics feature in Therefore™ 2015 can be retrieved from the Navigator.

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Therefore™ Viewer

Once the desired document is found, the Therefore™ Viewer allows over 400 types of documents to be viewed, even when the matching application is not installed on the user’s PC. The Therefore™ Viewer makes collaboration easier, thanks to a check-in check-out feature which prevents multiple users from making simultaneous changes to a document. Of course, while one person is editing a document, others can still view it.

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Therefore™ Case Manager

The Therefore™ Case Manager enables groups of related documents to be handled collectively, rather than being stored and managed individually. The case manager allows various Therefore™ categories to be linked together under a case header, and incorporated together into workflows and retention policies.

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Therefore™ Web Access

Therefore™ Web access allows users to access the Therefore™ repository using a web browser. No installation is necessary! All modern browsers ( Edge, Mozilla Firefox*, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari) are supported.

Therefore™ Mobile App

Therefore™ Mobile App allows users to search, view, and edit documents stored in Therefore™ on mobile devices. Photos can be taken using the app and saved directly into Therefore™, and workflow tasks can be approved and processed. The mobile app is available for phones and tablets with iOS, Android and Windows® platforms at no additional charge.

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Therefore™ Portal

The Therefore™ Portal is designed to give external users read-only access to the Therefore™ repository. The purchase of this additional connector license provides an unlimited number of users read-only access to documents defined by the system administrator.

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Additional server licenses can be purchased as needed. Therefore™ Online offers a hosted solution as an alternative. The infrastructure and maintenance is provided as part of the monthly service charge.

Therefore™ Content Connector

Therefore™ Capture Client

Therefore™ MFP Application

Therefore™ Connector for use with SAP Netweaver

Therefore™ Connector for Microsoft Exchange Server

Therefore™ Universal Connector

Therefore™ Connector for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Therefore™ Connector for Microsoft SharePoint Server

*Some functionality unavailable due to Firefox restrictions.