What is the SÄHKE2 Standard?


SÄHKE2 is the standard employed by the government of Finland that sets a uniform framework for the public sector to develop an efficient electronic records management system.

Public organisations in Finland are required to use SÄHKE compatible electronics records management systems if they intend to transfer permanent electronic records to the National Archives of Finland. SÄHKE requirements concerns records management functionalities such as:

  • Life cycle management
  • Metadata control
  • Access rights
  • Retention and disposal
  • Transfer to the National Archives of Finland

Therefore™ is compliant

Therefore™ software has been certified as compliant to the SÄHKE2 standard.

How Therefore™ Can Help


Public organisations in Finland can rest assured that Therefore’s Information Management Solution has been certified by Inspecta to meet the SÄHKE2 standard in providing the functions and facilities that will enable them to meet their obligations in adherence to the regulations set out by the government of Finland. Therefore™ software meets SÄHKE2 requirements by enabling users to control their data in a secure repository and allowing for safe exportation of metadata in an XML file, as well as enable the ability to allow users to schedule the retention of certain documents and configure their accessibility to designated personnel.

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Certified by Inspecta

Download the certificate granted by Inspecta Sertifiointi Oy as proof that the solution meets SÄHKE2 requirements.

National Archives of Finland

Learn more about the history of the SÄHKE2 standard and the role of the National Archives of Finland.